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I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.

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Might as well jump on board with everyone else with this sexy-Rin-hip-thrusting thing. So, have some Noiz. <3 Half my day well spent, I think.

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hey hey hinata

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Quick sketch of aobabe

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  • OCs (as long as I get picture reference, I will do it)
  • Fanart, Couples etc
  • Blood/gore but not too detailed (pls I don’t want nightmares)


  • Furries/anthro
  • Mecha/vehicles
  • NSFW (lingerie is okay though)
  • You/your family/your friends etc
  • More than two characters

Backgrounds for each commission will be transparent or a solid colour, you can choose either one.

Additional pets/wings/armour start from $3 depending on the type of pets/wings etc


If I am unable to finish a commission I will return all your money back. And if I believe a commission would be too difficult for me to complete I will decline it.

LIMITED SLOTS (starting with 2 slots, I will update when slots are free)
I’ll only reply with EMAIL 
Email me at and have the subject as COMMISSION

Give me this information when requesting a commission:

commission type: 
character references: (2-3 pictures at least)
character informations: (personality, style of clothing etc.)
specific pose/situation/facial expression:
background: (solid colour or transparent)
other: (if you want to tell me anything else)
These commissions are for personal use only
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sometimes idek what i’m drawing

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