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Remember Monkey Manjoume

September 23 + 424
  • person: you suck
  • me: ok cool
  • person: the yugioh spinoffs suck
  • me: what the FUCK did you just say what the
September 23 + 330
i am so glad theres someone else who likes gx it gets a bad wrap and some people don't even try to watch it but its really good thank you for liking it

Wow no problem bro!
I know what you mean, it gets put down a lot, especially by people who haven’t even watched it, that really annoys me sometimes.
But yeah I love it a lot! it’s actually the series that got me into yugioh in the first place and I think people should at least give it a chance uwu

September 22 + 2

He’s been through a lot

September 22 + 101

I don’t understand????

September 21 + 27

gx rivalshipping gives me life tbh

September 19 + 3

9. Tattoos I want.
I would probably want a watercolour tattoo or something cos those look pretty cool

14. Piercings I want.
Snake bites or a lip piercing would be cool to have but I don’t think they’ll suit me haha

16. Favourite movie.
My favourite movie atm is Guardians of the Galaxy that was an A++++ movie and I love the soundtrack tbh

September 19 + 2